Moment Skis

Friispirit is the Norwegian Distributor of Moment Skis.

Who is Moment Skis? We think they are the coolest little big ski company in the world. 

Here is what they have to say about themselves:

It's been a MOMENT, but the snow gods are blessing us with pow. That means we're churning out Bellas and Bibbys and sending them through the tubes into eager hands around the globe. But what if it stops snowing? What if next week we're standing at the rim of another high-pressure hellhole?

Can we adapt?

Yes, we can.

We aren't diversifying into lawn furniture, sunbrellas, or-if you want the cynical version-fire suppression, but we are changing the way we do business. We're getting better at doing more with less stock on hand, and we're drastically improving our manufacturing lead times. That lets us switch from cutting skinny skis to pressing fatties in less time than it takes for the forecast to change from 'dire' to 'deep.'

But why should you care?

Because more agility means less overhead and fewer crossed fingers. It means more demo days, more special editions, and more opportunity to try Moments on snow instead of fondling them on a carpet or in your dreams. It also means less waste and more jobs at the factory, and that's good stuff right there.

For us, it means we can deal with whatever nature decides to throw at us, without wondering if we'll be around next season. Yeah, we're spending a lot of time in the factory, but that's because the onus is all on us to design, press, and then ship this sweet handmade love to you. Good thing there's enough snow right now to make the few days off as good as they've been.

See you online, or see you in the shop (come on by-you know the drill), but most of all,